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Active warrants from Wasco County are serious business; whether one has been issued against you or you are merely interested in looking for arrest warrants in the name of an associate, you will need to put in a bit of an effort. For third party inquiries, you can approach any of the state agencies mentioned below:

  • The sheriff: 511 Washington St, The Dalles, Oregon 97058
  • The sitting judge: As given above
  • The clerk of court: As given above

However, if this information pertains to you, it would be best to stay away from government sources of information. It would be a grave error to assume that approaching the judiciary is a safe option. You can and will get arrested even at the court of the magistrate and the county clerk’s office if you have an outstanding warrant from Wasco County in your name.

If you find yourself in a situation where you fear that an active warrant may have been sought against you but are not sure about the existence of such an order, you can get your legal representative to conduct a warrant search for you. Needless to say, the services of a lawyer won’t come cheap. However, you can take heart in the fact that at some point during this debacle, you will have to enlist the help of an attorney to sort out the legal tangle you are in.

For people who would like to get a heads up on any Wasco County active warrants in their name, it is possible to conduct an online inquiry through the form given on this page. Furnish the basic details, and you can access a third-party database of arrest records and warrants.

Is it feasible to acquire information over the phone about Wasco County arrest warrants and recent arrests? (2021-Update)    

  • Jail Bookings, to know about recent arrests- 541-298-1576.
  • Sheriff’s Office for an arrest report and other police reports: 541-506-2580.
  • Criminal Court Unit, to know about arrest warrants- 541-506-2700.
  • Court Administrator, for judicial records- 541-506-2700 ext. 70907.
  • Wasco County Victim Services Office for victim’s assistance- 541-506-2680.

Crime statistics of Wasco County

The annual crime average of Wasco County went from 147 complaints to 154 complaints between 2018 and 2019. Of the total cases filed, property crimes accounted for 132, while violent crimes brought in 22 complaints.

Within these crime categories, larceny-theft (89 cases) and burglary (32 cases) accounted for the maximum number of property crime-related complaints. In the violent crimes category, aggravated assault (19 cases) had the highest occurrence rate.

Older crime statistics

Of the 800 plus crimes reported in Wasco County, OR, about 4% are complaints filed against violent criminal acts. On the other hand, property crimes form the basis of nearly 800 cases per annum. Since 1999, reported crime has grown by a measly 3%, while the increase in the incident rates of violent crime was not too bad either at just about 10%.

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