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For a Malheur County, Oregon active warrant to be issued, the police have to knock on the doors of the judiciary. Hence arrest warrants have rightly been described as judicial orders directed at the local law enforcement officials. Despite this definition, for all good reason, a warrant is an order that is sought by the police and granted by the court.

Unlike bench warrants issued at the sole discretion of a tribunal, active warrants call for the police to play a role in the background. The office of the sheriff submits all the information that the judiciary will need to issue a warrant. This affidavit has an account of every bit of data collected about the case.

Once this document reaches the magistrate’s office, it is left up to the judge to decide if the police have enough evidence to actually deem the person guilty and hence request the state to intervene in the matter. The magistrate may call the witnesses for a deposition under oath if the written data is inadequate.

Because a formal trial is held in court for the issue of active arrest orders, information on all outstanding warrants and arrest records from Malheur County is not only held by the issuing authority that is the magistrate’s court and the petitioner that is the sheriff’s department but also by the county clerk’s office.

The clerk of court keeps records of all the information that was presented before the bench. These trial recordings are known as court dockets. To get any of these agencies to conduct a Malheur County warrant search for you, go to:

  • Sheriff: 151 B St W, Vale, Oregon 97918
  • Clerk of court: 251 B Street West, Box 4, Vale, Oregon 97918
  • Sitting magistrate: 251 B St W, Vale, OR 97918

Less than 1000 crimes are reported in Malheur County OR every year; this puts the area in the middle of the state’s crime scale. Of the total annual criminal activity, 8% of the cases are attributed to violent acts, while the remaining have to do with property crimes. The most alarming statistical observation for the area is the 80% growth seen in the rate of violent incidents.

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