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In Harney County, Oregon, active warrants can be found with the police, the magistrate’s office that issues such orders, and the county clerk’s department, which plays an important role in all judicial sessions. Arrest warrants are solely issued at the request of the law enforcement agency in the area. So, the sheriff’s department has to go to court when they need such an arrest directive with an affidavit in hand.

Despite all the information being presented in writing, the sitting magistrate may fail to see probable cause and ask the witnesses to come to offer sworn testimony to ascertain that the accused was indeed part of the criminal act that he is being suspected of. An active order for arrest does not go out of effect even years after its issue.

However, such orders are termed outstanding warrants when held back in the police database for a while. Unlike bench warrants which expire over a set period of time, outstanding warrants have a validity of almost a century. If you are interested in a Harney County warrant search or need information on local arrest records, you can visit the agencies listed below:

  • Police: 485 N Court Ave #6, Burns, Oregon 97720-1524
  • Judiciary: 450 North Buena Vista, Burns, Oregon 97720
  • County clerk: Same as above

How do you contact state agencies for an arrest report or details about warrants from Harney County over the phone? (Updated-2021) 

  • For details about arrests and inmates, contact the County Jail at 541-573-6256.
  • For an arrest report and incident/accident records, contact the Sheriff’s Office at 541-573-6156.
  • For details pertaining outstanding warrants, call the Trial Court info line at 541-575-1438.
  • For seeking victim’s assistance, call the Harney County Victim Services Office at 541-573-8399.
  • For judicial records inquiries, call the Court Administrator at 541- 573-5207.

Crime statistics of Harney County

The Harney Sheriff’s Office handled 22 criminal complaints in 2019, compared to 41 in 2018. Of these, 21 were filed against property offenses, and only 1 was filed against a violent crime. This single complaint was linked to an incident of sexual assault. The 21 complaints filed against property crimes were owed to 12 larceny thefts, 6 burglaries, and 3 auto thefts.

Older crime statistics

Almost 120 criminal complaints are filed in Harney County, OR on an annual basis. Of this yearly figure, less than 1% of the cases are lodged in instances of violent crime. In contrast, property crime rates are very high, with an average of over 100 incidents per year.

Over the nine years from 2000 to 2008, there was a distinct improvement in the area’s crime rates with a reduction of almost 500% observed in the figures of violent crime and a decrease of 20% seen in reported criminal activity.

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