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Oregon outstanding warrants are sourced from the judiciary when the police figure out that arrests made without procuring such legal orders will stand in violation of the constitutional rights of the alleged offender. It is the norm to place a request for an active warrant when facts are not available about the offender which can help in his immediate arrest, despite the offense commissioned by him being felonious.

Warrants are mandatorily called for when the crime committed is deemed to be a misdemeanor and a police officer is not a witness to it. This simply means that unless the act was commissioned in view of a law enforcement agent, the police will have to seek a warrant to book the accused. Of course, when a felony is committed and the name of the suspect emerges in due course of investigation, it makes more sense for the police to seek a warrant before bringing the suspect in

Who places the request for active warrants and how are these orders granted?

The sheriff’s office approaches the judiciary with a petition for the issue of arrest warrants. This sworn writ is an informative vehicle that is used to notify the judiciary of the occurrence of an act which can be deemed as a crime under the laws of the state and the evidence that points to the involvement of the accused in it.

The affidavit is used to meet a crucial and un-bendable legal requirement laid down for the issue of warrants. Probable cause has to be established by a judicial officer before the police can walk away with a legal order for arrest. While the writ is used as the primary basis for the warrant hearing, the directive can also be issued based on the words of the witnesses. However, the testimony has to show how the accused is connected with the crime and it has to be offered under oath.

Finding information on Oregon outstanding warrants

Records pertaining to active warrants and criminal matters in general are maintained by various divisions of the state police as well as the local judiciary and law enforcement agencies. However, county level entities will restrict themselves to offering information on criminal acts that took place within the geographical bounds of that area.

In contrast, you can approach two agencies that serve the entire state of OR to find information on the issue of all active warrants and arrest records.

The Oregon State Police:This department maintains a central repository of crime history data and they dip into it to respond to requests about crime history from civilians as well as statutorily authorized applicants. While the latter are given access to complete crime records, regular applicants will just be told about limited crime history data. Inquiries for arrest records and warrants are not charged and you can initiate the warrant search by visiting the office of the OSP in person at: Identification Services Section, 3772 Portland Rd. NE Salem, OR-97303.

The Oregon Department of Human Services: A sub division of this agency, the background check Unit (BCU), also entertains requests pertaining to criminal history information including warrants and arrests. To avail this facility, you will have to download the appropriate inquiry request form from http://www.oregon.gov/DHS/chc/forms.shtml and send it to the BCU at:

Department of Human ServicesBackground Check UnitPO Box 14870Salem OR 97309-5066

Another approach to looking for information on Oregon outstanding warrants is to simply check out the most wanted list posted on the website of the OSP or one of the local sheriffs’ offices. The urls of these sites have been given below: