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Like all other geographical divisions in the state of Oregon, you will find it hard to conduct an online warrant search in Wallowa County unless you are willing to enlist the services of a private information vendor. Although several state agencies keep arrest records and data on active warrants issued locally, these departments rarely, if ever, offer such details online.

The reason given for keeping this data away from the World Wide Web is simple; law enforcement and judiciary do not want details on outstanding warrants from Wallowa County, Oregon, to be misused by offenders who have such orders against them. Yet, if you wish to look for arrest records through the internet, use the form given above.

This method is simple and convenient, and for a small fee, you will be able to access information on arrest warrants from all over the country. However, when you approach the office of the sheriff or any other government agency in Wallowa County, the information offered will be restricted to the state of Oregon. One of the primary reasons people choose an official source of inquiry is that a state department can provide a formal background report.

This is what one would need to conduct a criminal history check when offering or procuring employment. Often a notarized copy of the background check may be requested, and this can only be provided by one of the agencies listed below. So, while you don’t always have to go to the police or the judiciary for a warrant search in Wallowa, this will be your only option if you intend to use the collected data in an official capacity.

  • Sheriff’s office: 101 S River St Rm 101, Enterprise, Oregon 97828
  • Magistrate’s court: 101 S River St, Enterprise, OR 97828
  • County clerk’s department: 101 South River Room 202, Enterprise, Oregon 97828

Fewer than 100 crimes are reported in Wallowa County OR each year. So, in the eight years from 2001 to 2008, less than 800 crime complaints were filed with the local police. The annual rate of a violent crime stands at about 4 incidents. Through the interval mentioned above, crime rates have grown by over 50%.

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