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In Morrow County, Oregon, a warrant search will bring detailed information on arrest records and active detention orders issued against a person. Whether you approach the police or the magistrate’s office, these agencies will furnish a written report on all the criminal cases that a person was involved in, arrest warrants issued in the matter, details on detention, case proceedings, and more.

When you go to the office of the sheriff, which is located at 325 Willow view Dr, Heppner, Oregon 97836 for your inquiry, do not also forget to cast a glance at the list of the most wanted for Morrow County, which is bound to be put up on the notice boards of the agency. If you are concerned about the growing number of criminal incidents in your neighborhood, you can even inquire about case figures, crime statistics, and other generic details.

On the other hand, if you need specific information about a certain criminal case, head over to the magistrate’s office. This agency works out of 100 S Court St, Heppner, OR 97836. You will be able to find records on bench warrants, summons, search orders, and outstanding warrants from this department.

The best part of using the services of the office of the magistrate for your warrant search is that another judicial department is located at the same address. The county clerk’s office, which serves as the records-keeping wing of the judiciary, also maintains its office at the Morrow County courthouse.

About 300 case reports are filed in the area each year. This puts the 9 yearly crime average recorded from 2000 to 2008 at almost 2700 incidents. Of these cases, only about 130 were against violent crimes, while theft and burglary, along with other property crimes, accounted for the rest.

Although the number of violent crimes does not seem too worrisome initially, the fact that incident rates have doubled for this category has alarmed most Morrow County residents.

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