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In Baker County, Oregon, arrest warrants are only issued based on evidence that is sound enough to be presented in court. The proof gathered in the case has to be clear enough for even a regular person to see the link between the accused and the criminal act. The sitting magistrate of a local court with criminal jurisdiction is appointed as the judicial entity that can rule on the existence of probable cause.

Once the magistrate finds ample evidence to pin the blame on the person in question, he signs the detention order turning it into an active warrant from Baker. These directives are usually served within a few hours of release, but sometimes there are more important matters to handle, or the accused cannot be found in the county’s geographical bounds.

In this case, the active order is stored for later use in the sheriff’s crime database. Such directives are called outstanding warrants, and they can be left in the state and nationwide repository for as long as it takes to nab the criminal. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, along with the local police and judiciary, maintains arrest records for Baker County and information on all warrant releases. The local police also furnish a most wanted list on their website at

While the central law enforcement agency does not entertain requests for a warrant search, you can certainly take your inquiry to the office of Baker County sheriff or the appropriate judicial agencies in charge of maintaining criminal records. To connect with these government offices, use the addresses given below.

  • The police: 3410 K St, Baker City, Oregon 97814
  • The magistrate’s court: 1995 3rd St, Baker City, OR 97814
  • The office of the clerk of court: Address as given above

Of the over 3100 crimes that took place in Baker County, OR, from 2001 to 2008, the majority at nearly 2200 incidents were related to theft, while other property crimes like carjacking and burglary contributed another 700 cases to the yearly cumulative figure. This was the scene despite a serious reduction in both violent and overall crime rates in the area. While the former plunged by over 100%, the latter recorded a reduction of almost 300%.

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