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While the police and judiciary of almost all Oregon geographical divisions offer information on arrest records, the best part of performing a warrant search in Gilliam County is that you will have to visit the local courthouse to procure all the information you need on active warrant issues.

Because all three justice agencies, that is- the offices of the sitting judge, county clerk, and sheriff, are located at the same address, one visit is all it will take to receive a background report. These state departments are located at 221 South Oregon Street, Condon, Oregon 9782.

Generally, you will only have to file a formal inquiry for outstanding warrants issued in Gilliam County with one of the state agencies, as all three offices can furnish information on arrest warrants and records. However, if your inquiry calls for additional criminal and civil records, you will have to choose an appropriate department.

As a rule, the sheriff’s office will be your best bet for everything related to crime, be it the most wanted list for Gilliam or the local crime statistics. On the other hand, if you require data from both the civil and criminal tribunals in the area, visit the county clerk’s office.

The deputies of the clerk of court of Gilliam County are responsible for recording the court dockets and maintaining a repository of the trial sessions. These can be accessed by using the public service terminals at the courthouse. When a background report has to be notarized, you can go to the magistrate’s office or the county clerk.

Despite clocking in a growth of almost 90% over the nine years from 2000 to 2008, Gilliam County, OR, has the lowest cumulative crime figures in the state. Annually, only about 25 crimes are reported here, of which less than 5 incidents are found to be violent.

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