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Are you looking for Klamath County, Oregon arrest records and warrants but don’t know who to approach? Fret not! This article will help you locate the state agencies that will help you with your warrant search and find out about the additional information that these departments can furnish.

Even those who don’t know much about legal processes and arrest warrants will tell you that the sheriff’s office is the best place to go when you need crime-related data. Everybody who says so is spot-on as the local law enforcement office does have copious amounts of information on all things related to just about every criminal act that ever occurred in Klamath County.

Right from a list of the area’s most wanted to outstanding warrants in the name of a certain individual and from county crime stats to information on arms licensing and incident rates can be found with the sheriff’s office. It will also help to understand here that at the end of the day, the police serve all judicial provisions, be they search orders, bench warrants, or others.

So to put it simply, if crime-related information is what you are going for, the police will be able to help more than any other state agency. However, a thorough background report should be made up of more than just crime history specific. Wouldn’t you also like to know about any civil matters that the subject is involved in or even case-specific information?

Enter the magistrate’s court and the department of the Klamath county clerk. The former is the judicial entity with authority to issue active warrants, while the latter holds the court dockets for all tribunals in the area. So, when you need a combinatorial report that goes beyond the basic criminal check, approach the clerk of court or the magistrate. The addresses of all three agencies are listed below.

  • Police department: 3300 Vandenberg Road, Klamath Falls, Oregon 97603
  • Judiciary: 316 Main St, Klamath Falls, OR 97601
  • Department of the clerk of court: 305 Main Street, Klamath Falls, Oregon 97601-6391

Klamath County, OR, bears witness to almost 1200 criminal incidents every year, of which nearly 120 cases are of a violent nature. In contrast, over 1000 complaints are filed annually against instances of property crime. Between 1999 and 2008, a growth of about 40% was observed in the rates of violent crime, while reported crime figures spiked by over 20%.

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