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In Columbia County, Oregon, arrest warrants-related details are furnished by the sheriff’s office and the magistrate’s court. Depending on the information needed, you can also connect with the county clerk’s office, the state Department of Corrections, and online third-party data vendors.

The most important thing when conducting a warrant search or background check is to know what you are looking for. If you merely need information on all Columbia County outstanding warrants in the name of your subject, you can approach any one of the agencies listed below and request them to get a warrant search done for you.

  • The sheriff’s department: 901 Port Ave, Saint Helens, Oregon 97051
  • The court of the magistrate: 230 Strand St, St Helens, OR 97051
  • The county clerk’s office: As given above

If you need a comprehensive background report that goes beyond mere criminal history, you will need to choose your source after some deliberation. For instance, the police department will provide crime details along with a wealth of general information on the law and order situation in the county. You will receive information on the most wanted offenders in the area, among other related details, which can help you keep a watch for any antisocial elements that might have crept into your neighborhood.

Active warrants are just one among a host of judicial instruments accessible to the law enforcement agency when they are investigating a case and processing an offender. Among the other legal provisions that the police can apply for are search order, summons, and bench warrants. To get information on these and any specific criminal matters, you can go to the magistrate’s office.

Finally, if you need a low down on any civil litigations that the subject is involved in, along with a record of all outstanding warrants from Columbia County in his/her name, try the county clerk’s office. This state department is in charge of the court dockets, which are made accessible to the public through the agency office.

Over the phone, how do you acquire information on Columbia County warrants and arrests? (This page was last updated in 2021.)       

  • The Columbia County Jail will have information on recent arrests-503-366-4630.
  • The Judicial Info Line can be used to contact the judiciary for a warrants search-503-397-2327.
  • The Criminal Investigation Unit will provide information about criminal matters under investigation to victims- 503-366-4611.
  • The Sheriff’s Office provides general information and accepts requests for incident-accident and arrest report- 503-397-4322.
  • The Office of Columbia County Victim Services can be contacted for victim-witness advocacy and assistance- 503-366-3914.
  • The Court Administrator’s office can provide information about initiating a search for judicial records- 503-397-2327, ext. 315.

Crime statistics of Columbia County

The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office received 98 criminal complaints in 2019, which were a result of 68 property offenses and 30 violent crimes.

More than 120 larceny thefts, 22 burglaries, and 10 motor vehicle thefts were included in the property offenses category. Over 20 aggravated assaults and 7 rapes were included in the violent crimes category.

Older crime statistics

Columbia County has a fairly low crime rate when pitched against some of Oregon’s other geographical divisions. At a bit over 700 cases filed on an annual basis, the area’s daily occurrence rate stands at just 2 reports. Of these cases, nearly 50% transpire when the victim is very close to his home or workplace, which is the most worrying statistical observation for the county.

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