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Whoever said that people could afford to not conduct warrant searches in Polk County, Oregon, obviously never paid attention to the growing crime rates in the area. It would be unfair to assume that only the police have the responsibility to look out for your wellbeing. If you want to safeguard your personal and professional interests, you should be willing to put in some effort on your part.

For instance, you can easily weed out the antisocial elements from your neighborhood and your business circle by looking for arrest warrants from Polk County that have been issued in the name of new acquaintances. The county clerk, magistrate, and sheriff’s offices allow people to search for active warrants issued in the area.

To file a request for such an inquiry, you will have to drive down to the agency office in person. However, this can be well worth your time as you will get a lot of additional information when you visit the state department. For instance, the simplest way to find out about the most dangerous criminals in your area is to look at the list of the most wanted that can be seen on police stations’ walls.

Similarly, if you also want to know about any financial indiscretions that a person was ever involved in, along with details on all outstanding warrants in his name, try the office of the county clerk. Unlike the police and the magistrate’s office, this agency is associated with the criminal and the civil branch of the state judiciary.

  • The police: 850 Main St, Dallas, Oregon 97338
  • The magistrate: 182 SW Academy St, Dallas, OR 97338
  • The county clerk: Same as police

Is it possible to access the Polk County warrant list and arrest records over the phone? (Current as of 2021)         

  • To find out about recent arrests, contact the Polk County Jail at (503) 623-9254.
  • To get access to arrest records and other law enforcement reports, contact the Sheriff’s Department at (503) 623-9251.
  • To inquire about victim’s help, dial the phone number of Polk County Victim Services at (503) 623-9268.
  • To get information on obtaining access to criminal court records and warrants data, contact the Court Administrator’s Office at (503) 623-3154.

Crime statistics of Polk County

Almost 350 criminal complaints were handled by the Sheriff’s Department of Polk County in 2019. Of the complaints lodged, around 290 were against property crimes. This category included 187 cases of larceny-theft, 88 cases of burglary, and 20 cases of motor vehicle theft. The complaints against violent crimes were attributed to 44 instances of aggravated assault, 3 rapes, and 5 robberies.

Older crime statistics

With an annual average of 3300 criminal cases, it would be safe to suggest that Polk County, OR, has mediocre crime rates. The same trend is observed for violent crimes as this category brings in about 130 cases every year. Through the decade that ended in 2008, there was a growth of 72% in violent crime and over 25% in reported crime.

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