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In Coos County, Oregon, arrest warrants are only released after the local criminal tribunal’s sitting magistrate has had a chance to deliberate on all the evidence collected in the matter. This clause has been included in the state’s criminal code to ensure that the police are not handed unbridled powers to arrest just about anybody.

Of course, this does not mean that peace officers always need an active warrant in Coos County to take an accused into custody. However, spot detentions are only considered legal when they are based on irrefutable proof of the offender’s culpability. This means that in the absence of an outstanding warrant, the police can only detain a person if he has committed an illicit act in open view of a law enforcement agent.

Another scenario in which a person can be detained without an active warrant is if he is arrested while leaving the crime scene, and the circumstantial evidence and witness testimony point to his involvement in the matter. Generally, when a case requires investigation, the police will seek a judicial arrest order to bring the accused in.

So, as you can see, a warrant search will not only bring back information on all judicial detention decrees in the name of a person but also such an inquiry can get you details on all criminal cases initiated against a person along with the charges filed in such matters, arrest records against this individual from Coos County, trial recordings and how the matter was disposed of. To find this information, you can take your inquiry to:

  • The sheriff: 250 N. Baxter, Coquille, Oregon 97423
  • The county clerk: As given above
  • The magistrate: As given above

Who can assist you with a warrant search and arrests inquiry in Coos County over the phone? (Updated in 2021)            

  • To request information about active warrants, contact the judiciary at 541-396-8372.
  • To inquire about recent arrests, call the Coos County Jail at 541-396-7850.
  • To speak to the officer handling your criminal complaint, contact non-emergency dispatch at 541-396-2106.
  • To get information about the local criminal background check process, contact the Records Division at 541-396-7800.
  • To communicate with Victim/Witness Services, contact the Victim’s Advocate at 541-396-7545.
  • To get a certified copy of judicial records, contact the Administrator of the Trial Court at 541-396-8372, ext. 70030.

Crime statistics of Coos County

In 2018, the Coos County Sheriff’s Office received 546 criminal complaints. The annual average included 506 property offenses and 40 violent crimes among them.

The reported property offenses included 346 larceny thefts, 108 burglaries, and 52 motor vehicle thefts. In the category of violent crimes, there were 32 aggravated assaults, 4 rapes, and 4 robberies.

Older crime statistics

Nearly 1200 crime complaints are filed in Coos County every year. Of this cumulative figure, only about 4% are acts that can be deemed violent, while the remaining 95% plus incidents are filed against property crimes. Through the decade that ended in 2008, violent crime shows the highest growth at 45% while reported crimes trailed behind with an increase of 25%.

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