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While checking for Union County arrest records, you are bound to come across several outstanding warrants issued by the local courts. These are pending arrest orders that have yet to be executed. However, this does not mean that such arrest decrees have been recently released; au contraire, most outstanding warrants are several months or even years old.

A freshly issued detention decree is called an active warrant. This order comes into effect when a tribunal’s magistrate hears criminal matters accedes with the police inference that pins an illicit act on an alleged offender. The sitting judge will only sign the arrest order once he is convinced that the proof presented before the court is adequate to hold the accused culpable for the illicit act.

An active order for detention will be termed as such only for a few days after its release. If it cannot be executed in this period, the detention decree is stored in the police and the FBI database as an outstanding warrant. Apart from information on arrest warrants, the Union County sheriff’s department’s crime repository will also have information on all local arrest records.

For anything crime-related, it would be sensible to approach the cops. However, if you want your warrant search to encompass civil records as well, try the office of the clerk of court. This judicial agency houses the court dockets database, which can be accessed using the public terminals at their office.

  • County cops: 1109 K Ave, La Grande, Oregon 97850
  • Judiciary: 1001 Fourth St Suite D, La Grande, OR 97850
  • County clerk: 1106 County Street, La Grande, Oregon 97850

Less than 500 criminal complaints are filed in Union County, OR on an annual basis. So, the area’s daily crime average can be calculated at just about 3 incidents occurring every two days. From 1999 to 2008, the figures for reported and violent crime have gone up by nearly 35%.

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