How to request arrest records for Portland, OR?

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When it comes to arrests in Portland, the local police offer nothing more than the bare minimum information. Now, if this is their take on arrest records, it would not be far-fetched to assume that the warrant list must be near impossible to access.

In fact, as far as an arrest inquiry and a warrant search are concerned, the law enforcement agency conveniently redirects all requests for these to other state offices. So, if you are interested in an arrest report or details on local warrants, this is where you will have to go…

Who can help you to get your hands on an arrest report in Portland?

If all you need is data on arrests in Portland, you can check the news section of the website of the City Police at However, if you need the arrests records of a specific individual or want to know if a person is currently being held in custody, you will need a different approach.

The booking log for Portland: When a person is arrested by Portland Police Department, he/she is held in the city jail that is managed by the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office. So, if you want to know who just got busted, you will have to use the inmate search tool offered by the agency on The tool can be used to launch a name-initiated arrest search and to look up the arrest list for a particular day.

The arrest history of a subject: You can get access to the arrest records of a person by filing a formal request with Portland PD. Although they do allow third-party arrest history inquiries, you will have to either use the agency’s online portal at or mail in your request by using the form at the bottom of this article. Send the completed form to the Records Division at 1111 SW 2nd Ave, Room 1126, Portland, Oregon 97204.

How do you find the warrant list for Portland?

At this time, the Metropolitan Police does not provide access to its warrant database. However, you can inquire about arrest warrants by calling the Office of the Courts of Multnomah County on 503-988-3235.

If you are interested in an online warrant lookup, you can find details through a case records search. The judiciary provides public access to their court docket database at On the screen, on your right hand side, you will find a list of options that includes the “Warrant Search Criteria”. Click on the option and provide the search criteria to initiate the inquiry.

If you are interested in a paid search facility that will provide in-depth criminal case records, you can find this at

Crime stats for Portland, OR

According to a KGW article published in January, 2019, Portland has the third highest crime rate in the state, which is in striking contrast of Oregon’s image as one of the safest states in the country. Between 2018 and 2019, Portland Police handled around 64,000 criminal cases. A fifth of these were violent crimes while over 50,000 cases were filed in connection with property crimes and about 2000 in connection with society related offenses.