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All judicial records can be sought from the Multnomah County clerk of court’s office, whether you are interested in information about a criminal matter or a civil case. A variety of approaches are available to anybody who is keen on accessing court documents. You could look for information on the cases heard by the local tribunals by visiting the county clerk’s office in person or you could initiate the case search online.

The internet based tool for scouring the Multnomah County court dockets database is made available courtesy of the county clerk’s office. There are two ways in which you can look up information pertaining to a litigation, you could either use the case information tool that is meant to provide details on the matters heard by the bench on that day by going to or you could find information on the case status by using the case search facility at

Criminal judicial records have been held in soft copy since 1988 and these can be found by simply offering the name of the subject and possibly the SSN to reduce the scope of mistaken identity. The Multnomah County court dockets database that can be accessed through the public service computers also has details on criminal and civil cases. To conduct the case search on your own or to get a deputy to assist you with it, you can go to the clerk of court’s office at 501 South East Hawthorne, Portland, Oregon 97214.

The Circuit court will also be able to help with information on the felony and misdemeanor cases handled by them as well as the civil litigations heard by the bench. This is the tribunal which holds general jurisdiction; this means that they hear all sorts of cases. So, they too can assist you in finding court documents from Multnomah County, OR. To contact them, go to 1021 SW 4th Ave, Rm 131 Portland, OR 97204.