Oregon Examines Gun Ownerships and Access by Minors Following School Shooting

In the wake of the Reynold’s High School shooting, many people understandably have much to say. From gun advocacy groups saying restriction of gun ownership is not the answer, to gun control groups seeking those same restrictions to help combat the problem. One voice, that of Oregon State Senator Virginia “Ginny” Burdick, has been involved in the subjects of gun control for a long time.

She began her career in the Senate, prepared by her past experience as a professional reporter and then a political consultant, in 1996 when she campaigned upon, amongst other things, gun control, a subject she was familiar with having worked on a project with a gun control group.

In 1999, she attempted to pass a measure to require background checks for sales made at gun shows. The measure failed but a similar one was passed in 2000.

2013 saw a bill aimed at banning the sale of large-capacity magazines after the shooter at Clackamas Mall was able to discharge up to 60 rounds rapidly before having to reload.

It has not been an easy road for Burdick, with staunch opposition on the Senate floor and, according to Burdick, intimidation tactics levied against her in her private life. Gun supporters published an online video that, during its three minute thirty second duration, showed two hours of Burdick’s home including her arrival, dragging a trash can to her garage, and checking her mailbox.

Despite the difficulty she faces, she continues to fight for legislation she feels is needed. She has made comments recently that she feels legislation should be introduced that will make failure of parents to properly secure their weapons against unsupervised access by minors a legally actionable offense.

Source: The Oregonian